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Sunday, September 27, 2009

The OC

so in my ABUNDANCE of free time i have devolped a new habit.

watching old episodes of the OC on youku.

no before you all get ashamed of me in my teeny bopperness i feel that i need to explain that i was the generation of the oc viewers. i watched in from year 8 and got hooked on the gorgeousness that was ryan atwood, played by benjemin mckenzie, in all his bad boy, magnificent body and cheeky smile ways. however now that i am rewatching a new character is popping to my mind as being attractive.

and sadly this guy is FILF.

and it is sandy cohen, played by peter gallagher.

his lovely smile and cheeky humour mixed with a do-gooder attitude is strangely alluring to me..

so heres what i ask to you-

have you ever gone and rewatched a tv show or movie and found yourself attracted to the most unlikely of characters? whether they be old or ugly or corrupt? cause i wanna know who else lusts for the random characters....

just think about it...


1 comment:

CEDRIC said...

OMG! today i watched the sound of music....captain von trapp is a fox!
miss you!