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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Old comic con 2009 photos

ok so i KNOW comic con 2009 was AGGGESSSS ago but when i get bored i stalk IMDB and i came across these old photos of the twilight cast prmoting new moon.

ok now can someone EXPLAIN to me why kristen stewart decided to go to comic con looking like a fucking druggie? seriously, sure she might wanna wear bumming around clothes sometimes, shes only human but when you're appearing infront of a large audience dont you think you should maybe run a comb through ur hair or something rather then having it look like something died on your head and the smell is preventing you from sleeping?

kristen looked like shit, especially in comparison to her lovely co-star, ashley greene who looked amazing in a pink dress, lovely hair and a clean makeup palet. nice work ashley, you look might damn fine!

kristen, your not that hot that you can pull off a mullet,


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