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Thursday, October 29, 2009





the only way i am able to write this blog is because i am crashing at katies for the hafterm holidays.

so im afraid to say but there will be a brief month or so where i will be unable to make blog entries.

only when im away from school or when i am back home can i update reguarly once more.

so this day is a sad day, a day to mourne, the lack of blog entried from Helsinki.

im sorry, my friends...


Monday, October 19, 2009

Smelly blood....

so today, in school, i got to do something awesome. something ive always wanted to do. just not... seriously... but

i got to kill someone.

well i got to create a murder mystery with clues but best of all a crime scene. now had i had more time to create my crime scene it would have been BEYOND awesome. but since i was kinda pressed my crime scene was the outline of a body (which coincidently fitted one of the students) in masking tape on the floor of a classroom. my clues were a bit more interesting- a bloody knife ( the blood classically made from ketcup which reeked and is now making my hands smell disgusting) in a kids tub, blood smeared on the walls leading to the bathroom where the killer washed they're hands but left their hair bobble and a blood covered sheet of paper. the stolen items to which the victim was murder over (white sets trophies) were hidden all around the school to be recovered by my student detectives. it was HELL fun to do.

now we're planning on doing another murder mystery, this one far more planned, with e better crime scene, clues and story. i cant wait!

so if anyone has any ideas for a murder mystery to do within a school then comment me with them!



Sunday, October 18, 2009

Old sketches

so today, other than being a real shit day all round, was fair intresting cause when i was doing my usual blogger checks i stumbled across Jinx's blog and some old sketches of mine!

back in the day Jinx and me used to spend class time creating character profiles for our favourite books (inheritance cycle, wicked lovely etc) and generally i would sketch out an image of our created characters. generally our characters were personas we, ourselves, wished we could obtain so they had all the tatts and piercings and figure that was alluring to us.

so heres the images of characters eviee and tara that i created:

so look above to see some of my work when i was only half as good as i am now. struggling with figure and design and such. thank god ive gotten better!



Saturday, October 17, 2009

Piercing ones ears....

so who here has seen the parent trap? the awesome movie with lindsay lohan when she was cute an innocent about two twins who had been seperate by birth and live in different countries get re-united at an amrican summer camp and piece together their relationship?

and who remembers the cringe worthy scene when she gets her ear pierced with the hot needle and the ice and the apple and the screaming?

well i managed to pierce my ear alone but using a needle and ice but no apple....

now i have a fear of needles, strange since i want to be a tattoo artist, which might have come from many tetanus shots as a child and defiantly not helped by when i did my leg and required 7 local anesthetic needles in my leg, so the fact that i managed to stick a needle through my ear was well done. now i dont mind tattooing myself, and have done so 3 times, because the needle goes quickly and you dont really feel it much. however slowely sticking a slippery (it was covered in earring spray) through my ear was an odd, yet rewarding, experience.

so i figured that i would share with you guys, my readers, the method to which i pierced my ears.

1. Piercing your ear should be used as a last resort. Home piercing is difficult to do properly and you would be better off seeking the aid of a professional. Please think about your choice carefully before you proceed.
2. If you'd like, get an ice pack, and place it on your ear for about 30-40 seconds (or until it feels numb). This step is optional and you can skip it if you like.(better to use ice) Ear piercing pain is minimal anyway.
3. Get a real piercing needle. Do not share needles with other people due to infection risk. Piercing needles can be cheaply obtained at many online vendors, as well as many piercing studios.
4. If the needle did not come in a sterile package, sterilize the needle with an open flame. Then put 10%+ rubbing alcohol on the needle. Be sure to remove any soot or detritus. Be forewarned, this will only be a partial sterilization and will not kill all microbes.
5. Wash your hands. This will decrease any chance of bacteria of spreading. Put on sterile latex gloves, if possible.
6. Clean your earring, and your ear with either 70%+ alcohol or iodine. As mentioned before, this will only be a partial sterilization.
7. Put something sturdy on the back of your ear like a piercing cork. This is so when you push the needle in, you have something to push against, rather than tugging the skin.
8. Stick the piercing needle smoothly through your ear until all the way through. Wiggle the needle, keep it bent. Leave whatever you chose in for at least 5 minutes with ice and something to wipe the little bits of blood off with.
9. Remove the piercing tool. If you used ice in the above step your ear should be numb and you can now slowly remove the needle from your ear.
10. Put the earring through the hole and then the backing right after you wipe up the blood.

so if you guys ever need your ears done, i suggest you follow these steps, but try and get someone to give you a hand cause it was a tad hard to do it alone! luckily however, i didnt bleed at all.

signing off,


Thursday, October 15, 2009



John Flanagan's amazing series, 'Rangers Apprentice', has its 9th book about to come out in Australia, named 'Halts Peril'. Set after 'The Kings of Clomel' when heros Will, Halt and Horace are in Halts homeland, Hiberia, tracking down a cult trying to gain control. The new book promises to be just as thrilling as the ones before and i cant wait to read it!

Heres a sneak peek below....

'Halt’s eyes were slits of concentration as he moved forward between the trees, following the narrow, indistinct path. He scanned constantly, taking in the ground ahead and to either side. He noted, with a sardonic smile, the occasional clues that had been left behind by the men he was following – a scrap of cloth snagged on a branch here, an all too obvious footprint there. He maintained the pretence of searching for these signs and following the tracks they had left. It wouldn’t do to let his quarry know he was onto their little game, he thought.

The ground was littered with deadfalls – branches and twigs that the wind had snapped off from the trees high above and dropped to the forest floor. They formed an almost continuous carpet beneath his feet and, skilled as he was at moving silently, even Halt couldn’t avoid some noise as they cracked and snapped under his soft tread. He could do it if he moved slowly, testing the ground with each foot before he put weight on it. But moving slowly was too dangerous an option. He needed speed. By moving quickly, he became an indistinct, grey-toned blur sliding among the bare trunks – and that would make him a more difficult target. Besides, there wasn’t much point in moving silently if he wanted the Genovesans to know he was here.

He slipped into the cover of a thick, grey trunk. Over the years, long past the time when the trees had drowned, some undergrowth had taken hold in the forest floor and a clump of buckthorn had established itself about the base of the dead tree. The green leaves and the grey trunk of the tree would match the random colouring on his cloak to conceal him.

He crouched, scanning the forest ahead. Long years of training made sure that his head barely moved as he did so. It was his eyes that darted from side to side, seeking, testing, consciously changing their depth of focus to search from close in to further out. His face remained in the shadow thrown by the deep cowl. Minimising any movement was vital, he knew. The Genovesans, if they were watching, would have seen him dart behind the tree. But now they would have lost sight of him as he blended in and, so long as he didn’t move, they would be uncertain if he were still there or not.

All of which meant they would be looking for him, and not Will. He felt a grim sense of satisfaction knowing that Will was backing him up. By now, Halt thought, his young student would have begun to move, snaking away from the three-trunked tree they had sheltered behind, crawling low-bellied along the shallow gully to the shelter of the fallen trunk.

He couldn’t think of anyone he would rather have with him. Gilan, perhaps. His unseen movement skills were second to none in the Corps. Or Crowley, of course, his oldest comrade.

But, skilled as they both were, he knew Will would always be his first choice. Crowley was experienced and calm under pressure. But he couldn’t match Will in unseen movement. Gilan might move more stealthily than Will, but there was very little in it. And Will had an advantage that Gilan didn’t. His mind moved a little quicker and he was inclined to see the unconventional alternative faster than Gilan. If the unexpected occurred, he knew Will could act on his own initiative and come up with the right solution. That wasn’t to denigrate Gilan’s worth at all. He was a fine Ranger and highly skilled. Will just had that slight edge in making a decision quickly and getting it right. Gilan would think about a situation and probably come to the same conclusion. With Will, it was an instinctive ability.

There was one other point, and it was a very important one in the current situation. Halt knew, although Will probably didn’t, that Will was a better shot than either Crowley or Gilan.

In fact, he thought, with a grim smile, that might prove to be the most important point of all.'


from an excited,


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Eric Mabius and real women

ok so i officially like actor, Eric Mabius (Resident Evil, The L Word, Ugly Betty) even more than before now that i have seen this captioned photo. now i am well aware that he himself did not caption this photo but i was still proud to see it.

why was i proud?

simple. i am, as this image refers, a 'real woman'. i am fairly big. im a decent size 14 and proud of it. i like my body. i have huge thighs and a stomach and sometimes frustrating DD size breasts but at least i am happy. i am proud that there is a man in hollywood like Eric who is proud of his wife, ivy sherman, no matter her size, when hollywood would deem her too big to be of notice.

so i say kudos to you Eric, show them how its done!




ok so you can probably gather from my latest blog entries that ive been spending alot of time surfing websites such as failblog, i can has cheezburger and lolcats- which is completely true since ive recently been more inclined to laugh at random captioned pictures then write blog entries.

because of this i completely promise to put up a decent blog entry soon, once ive found something half decent to write on.

but for now im just gunna put some more random pics up!!!



Sunday, October 11, 2009

soldier gives kitty some pats

does anyone else find it completely adorable when you see pics like this of soldiers being kind to animals? i absolute love them. its like in all the midst of war and death and horror you can still see the kindness of human beings is still present.

people still amaze me,





October 11th

happy 4 month anniversary



Saturday, October 10, 2009


its just so cute!



i want one.



Thursday, October 8, 2009


i have to get me one of these adorable fluffies...



Wednesday, October 7, 2009


how nawwwwww worthy is this picture?!



Monday, October 5, 2009


i recieved some shocking news today.

the production of one of my favourite shows, 'bones' has shut down because my all time favourite actor, David Boreanaz, is sick with possibly swine flu. dear lord i hope he is ok.

so david, even though you would never read my blog i hope you get better soon! we need you to provide us with strong yet comical characters with gorgeous bodies and cheeky smiles!

please please please get better,



so theres a litle suprise coming at you from Helsinki land. its some news that MAY come as a shock to some but non the less its a decision i have made....

i have decided to, for a period of time, give up drinking.


and by drinking i DO MEAN ALCOHOL. not water or, heaven forbid, coke.

why, you ask. why are you doing this helsinki?

because my boyfriend is awesome is why. since tom is giving up drinking for a period of time as well i have decided to support him the best way i can and give up drinking as well. GO US.

so i spose im kinda straight edge now... but im NOT getting those cross tattoos or anything so dont worry!

over and out,


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bif Naked

hey y'all people in blogger land!

how goes life? im here to blast your lilfe with MORE awesome music. MOAR DID YOU SAY?! MOAR?!

damn straight more!

so heres on of my favourite old school musical artists who ive recently gotten back into.

Bif Naked.

Reasons why Bifs so frickin awesome? cause shes a wicked ass singer with attitude to boot.

but other then her musical talents and her awesome array of tattoos she is wicked cause she STRAIGHT EDGE.

how many hardcore rockers now day are STRAIGHT EDGE? and proud of it as well?

not to mentions shes damn sexy.

anyway some of Bifs best songs, or so i believe, are 'lucky', 'let down' and 'daddys getting married'.

so be awesome, go and google her and youtube her!