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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bif Naked

hey y'all people in blogger land!

how goes life? im here to blast your lilfe with MORE awesome music. MOAR DID YOU SAY?! MOAR?!

damn straight more!

so heres on of my favourite old school musical artists who ive recently gotten back into.

Bif Naked.

Reasons why Bifs so frickin awesome? cause shes a wicked ass singer with attitude to boot.

but other then her musical talents and her awesome array of tattoos she is wicked cause she STRAIGHT EDGE.

how many hardcore rockers now day are STRAIGHT EDGE? and proud of it as well?

not to mentions shes damn sexy.

anyway some of Bifs best songs, or so i believe, are 'lucky', 'let down' and 'daddys getting married'.

so be awesome, go and google her and youtube her!



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