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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Eric Mabius and real women

ok so i officially like actor, Eric Mabius (Resident Evil, The L Word, Ugly Betty) even more than before now that i have seen this captioned photo. now i am well aware that he himself did not caption this photo but i was still proud to see it.

why was i proud?

simple. i am, as this image refers, a 'real woman'. i am fairly big. im a decent size 14 and proud of it. i like my body. i have huge thighs and a stomach and sometimes frustrating DD size breasts but at least i am happy. i am proud that there is a man in hollywood like Eric who is proud of his wife, ivy sherman, no matter her size, when hollywood would deem her too big to be of notice.

so i say kudos to you Eric, show them how its done!



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