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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Piercing ones ears....

so who here has seen the parent trap? the awesome movie with lindsay lohan when she was cute an innocent about two twins who had been seperate by birth and live in different countries get re-united at an amrican summer camp and piece together their relationship?

and who remembers the cringe worthy scene when she gets her ear pierced with the hot needle and the ice and the apple and the screaming?

well i managed to pierce my ear alone but using a needle and ice but no apple....

now i have a fear of needles, strange since i want to be a tattoo artist, which might have come from many tetanus shots as a child and defiantly not helped by when i did my leg and required 7 local anesthetic needles in my leg, so the fact that i managed to stick a needle through my ear was well done. now i dont mind tattooing myself, and have done so 3 times, because the needle goes quickly and you dont really feel it much. however slowely sticking a slippery (it was covered in earring spray) through my ear was an odd, yet rewarding, experience.

so i figured that i would share with you guys, my readers, the method to which i pierced my ears.

1. Piercing your ear should be used as a last resort. Home piercing is difficult to do properly and you would be better off seeking the aid of a professional. Please think about your choice carefully before you proceed.
2. If you'd like, get an ice pack, and place it on your ear for about 30-40 seconds (or until it feels numb). This step is optional and you can skip it if you like.(better to use ice) Ear piercing pain is minimal anyway.
3. Get a real piercing needle. Do not share needles with other people due to infection risk. Piercing needles can be cheaply obtained at many online vendors, as well as many piercing studios.
4. If the needle did not come in a sterile package, sterilize the needle with an open flame. Then put 10%+ rubbing alcohol on the needle. Be sure to remove any soot or detritus. Be forewarned, this will only be a partial sterilization and will not kill all microbes.
5. Wash your hands. This will decrease any chance of bacteria of spreading. Put on sterile latex gloves, if possible.
6. Clean your earring, and your ear with either 70%+ alcohol or iodine. As mentioned before, this will only be a partial sterilization.
7. Put something sturdy on the back of your ear like a piercing cork. This is so when you push the needle in, you have something to push against, rather than tugging the skin.
8. Stick the piercing needle smoothly through your ear until all the way through. Wiggle the needle, keep it bent. Leave whatever you chose in for at least 5 minutes with ice and something to wipe the little bits of blood off with.
9. Remove the piercing tool. If you used ice in the above step your ear should be numb and you can now slowly remove the needle from your ear.
10. Put the earring through the hole and then the backing right after you wipe up the blood.

so if you guys ever need your ears done, i suggest you follow these steps, but try and get someone to give you a hand cause it was a tad hard to do it alone! luckily however, i didnt bleed at all.

signing off,


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