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Monday, October 19, 2009

Smelly blood....

so today, in school, i got to do something awesome. something ive always wanted to do. just not... seriously... but

i got to kill someone.

well i got to create a murder mystery with clues but best of all a crime scene. now had i had more time to create my crime scene it would have been BEYOND awesome. but since i was kinda pressed my crime scene was the outline of a body (which coincidently fitted one of the students) in masking tape on the floor of a classroom. my clues were a bit more interesting- a bloody knife ( the blood classically made from ketcup which reeked and is now making my hands smell disgusting) in a kids tub, blood smeared on the walls leading to the bathroom where the killer washed they're hands but left their hair bobble and a blood covered sheet of paper. the stolen items to which the victim was murder over (white sets trophies) were hidden all around the school to be recovered by my student detectives. it was HELL fun to do.

now we're planning on doing another murder mystery, this one far more planned, with e better crime scene, clues and story. i cant wait!

so if anyone has any ideas for a murder mystery to do within a school then comment me with them!



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