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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year

wow, so the new years about to begin- what odd concept! it seriously seems like only yesterday that i was lying on christians tennis court with cedric, pat, gilly and christian looking at the stars and counting down.

now, in the small space of a year, so much has changed. i feel the need to share...

for starters, i left the country to seek a life in the UK where i did volunteer work. i enjoyed my new work and life- despite the long hours- it was so much fun. i got a new boyfriend in john- an amazing guy though the age gap of 11 years proved too difficult for us to manage. as the year went on i changed with it. i got my first tattoo, a heart on my back, as well as my first tattoo machine which meant an addition of 3 more small tattoos on my hand and foot. i altered my hair colour also, changing it from its natural brown, to red and blonde. i gained a magnificent boyfriend, now fiance, in tom green- the most amazing man in the world <3 my family cam over to the UK and i got to travel with them- i even fulfilled every childs dream and went to disney land! from there i started my last term at my boarding school and began to realise that my time was limited. having my grandpa die just made it that bit harder to be away. spending my last couple months with tom and working quickly ate up my time and before i knew it i was on the plane with my GAP mates and headed back to melbourne and my old life. since then ive been catching up with my good mates tash (more like twin for her), andy, christian, kieran, pat, claire, danni, lanna and many more.

so a new year is about to start. i hope its full of awesomeness- i cant wait!

love Helsinki

Monday, December 28, 2009

best monday ever....

so the general association with mondays is that they need to die. well as much as a day of the week can possibly die.... ANYWAY today was the best frigging monday ever. why you ask? what possibly could have happened to make monday half decent?

absolutely nothing. thats because i did absolutely nothing today.

and it was awesome.

i woke up and got to talk to my awesome fiance. cuddled in my bed with cedric. had kieran and pat hang. we went for breakfast/lunch/afternoon tea at KFC before bailing to mine and lounging for another 3 hours on my couches.

best fricking monday ever. also the most unproductive but it was still awesome.

so i recomend everyone hasa lounging day where all you do is watch tv, lounge about and eat with your mates.

DO IT! i command you...

love Helsinki

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Elephant and Wheelbarrow

sooooooooooooo me lovelies, last night i went to the E&W for a welcome home party since im only a week and a bit home.

now at the moment im trying to decide what was the highlight of my night; either christian getting drunk and speaking in a perfect irish accent for over an hour (his favourite phrase being 'get fucked') or cedric getting herself an english bloke called scott- a waterpolo player no less (GO HER). also talking to the irish bartender, pat, about where he was from and justifying who was smarter- me for not drinking and being able to take care of everyone or cedric for drinking and enjoying herself.

overall the night was fair wicked. it was great to see some people for the first time in a year and the band was wicked. plus me and the clan (the clan consisting of me, cedric, pat, christian, kieran and sometimes andy) have started up a new drinking tradition where we go into an awesome chinese resturant called red silk before each nighting into the city. the food there is fucking awesome and relatively cheap as well. unless you want cocktails with your meal, then it gets a tad expensive but other than that its wicked.

anyway im due to have a shower since i think i could fry some chips with the grease currently in hair..... ew much?!


Friday, December 25, 2009


hey all!

i know its been FOREVER since my last post but ive been so frickin hectic lately that ive barely had time to stop and breathe!

so the main things that have heppened to me recently are that im now back in australia having finished my gap year. leaving my school was heart wrenching- i loved that place so much and i miss it madly already.

in other news im now engaged to my amazing tom. though we're not getting married for like 3 years or something its brought great happiness to both of us. its also kinda sad for us since hes in england until august and im on the other side of the world. however, i look upon this seperation as a test and one that we must complete in order to be stronger together- though THANK GOD for skype!

upon being back home ive spent heaps of time with my good mates tash, christian, kieran and my adopted little brother andy. they are all trying to keep me distracted from missing england.

the other day tash and i went and i had my nose pierced. i had an awesome conversation with my piercist and got all the info on how one becomes a piercist which is something im considering as a stepping stone to tattooeing.

anyway i best be off though i will be bloggin far more often now ive go everything in order.

love Helsinki