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Monday, December 28, 2009

best monday ever....

so the general association with mondays is that they need to die. well as much as a day of the week can possibly die.... ANYWAY today was the best frigging monday ever. why you ask? what possibly could have happened to make monday half decent?

absolutely nothing. thats because i did absolutely nothing today.

and it was awesome.

i woke up and got to talk to my awesome fiance. cuddled in my bed with cedric. had kieran and pat hang. we went for breakfast/lunch/afternoon tea at KFC before bailing to mine and lounging for another 3 hours on my couches.

best fricking monday ever. also the most unproductive but it was still awesome.

so i recomend everyone hasa lounging day where all you do is watch tv, lounge about and eat with your mates.

DO IT! i command you...

love Helsinki

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