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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Elephant and Wheelbarrow

sooooooooooooo me lovelies, last night i went to the E&W for a welcome home party since im only a week and a bit home.

now at the moment im trying to decide what was the highlight of my night; either christian getting drunk and speaking in a perfect irish accent for over an hour (his favourite phrase being 'get fucked') or cedric getting herself an english bloke called scott- a waterpolo player no less (GO HER). also talking to the irish bartender, pat, about where he was from and justifying who was smarter- me for not drinking and being able to take care of everyone or cedric for drinking and enjoying herself.

overall the night was fair wicked. it was great to see some people for the first time in a year and the band was wicked. plus me and the clan (the clan consisting of me, cedric, pat, christian, kieran and sometimes andy) have started up a new drinking tradition where we go into an awesome chinese resturant called red silk before each nighting into the city. the food there is fucking awesome and relatively cheap as well. unless you want cocktails with your meal, then it gets a tad expensive but other than that its wicked.

anyway im due to have a shower since i think i could fry some chips with the grease currently in hair..... ew much?!



Cindy said...

I just wanted to let ya know, I am now officially a follower of your blog!!!


Helsinki said...

thanks cindy! i'gg have a look at yours now! :)