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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year

wow, so the new years about to begin- what odd concept! it seriously seems like only yesterday that i was lying on christians tennis court with cedric, pat, gilly and christian looking at the stars and counting down.

now, in the small space of a year, so much has changed. i feel the need to share...

for starters, i left the country to seek a life in the UK where i did volunteer work. i enjoyed my new work and life- despite the long hours- it was so much fun. i got a new boyfriend in john- an amazing guy though the age gap of 11 years proved too difficult for us to manage. as the year went on i changed with it. i got my first tattoo, a heart on my back, as well as my first tattoo machine which meant an addition of 3 more small tattoos on my hand and foot. i altered my hair colour also, changing it from its natural brown, to red and blonde. i gained a magnificent boyfriend, now fiance, in tom green- the most amazing man in the world <3 my family cam over to the UK and i got to travel with them- i even fulfilled every childs dream and went to disney land! from there i started my last term at my boarding school and began to realise that my time was limited. having my grandpa die just made it that bit harder to be away. spending my last couple months with tom and working quickly ate up my time and before i knew it i was on the plane with my GAP mates and headed back to melbourne and my old life. since then ive been catching up with my good mates tash (more like twin for her), andy, christian, kieran, pat, claire, danni, lanna and many more.

so a new year is about to start. i hope its full of awesomeness- i cant wait!

love Helsinki

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