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Friday, December 25, 2009


hey all!

i know its been FOREVER since my last post but ive been so frickin hectic lately that ive barely had time to stop and breathe!

so the main things that have heppened to me recently are that im now back in australia having finished my gap year. leaving my school was heart wrenching- i loved that place so much and i miss it madly already.

in other news im now engaged to my amazing tom. though we're not getting married for like 3 years or something its brought great happiness to both of us. its also kinda sad for us since hes in england until august and im on the other side of the world. however, i look upon this seperation as a test and one that we must complete in order to be stronger together- though THANK GOD for skype!

upon being back home ive spent heaps of time with my good mates tash, christian, kieran and my adopted little brother andy. they are all trying to keep me distracted from missing england.

the other day tash and i went and i had my nose pierced. i had an awesome conversation with my piercist and got all the info on how one becomes a piercist which is something im considering as a stepping stone to tattooeing.

anyway i best be off though i will be bloggin far more often now ive go everything in order.

love Helsinki


Megan said...

Congrats on getting engaged!

Helsinki said...

thanks megan! hes an awesome bloke :)