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Thursday, November 25, 2010


hells yeh! disturbed is coming to melbourne. i think i can die happily now.

for all those who dont know the awesomeness that is disturbed then you have not lived yet.

for those who LOVE disturbed and havent heard the awesome news then i feel special to be the one to inform you.

Rod Laver Arena, April 24th 2011

be there or die.

love helsinki

Monday, November 22, 2010

Slightly left of Centre

time to spread some magical music news!!!! *dances*

so my best mate christian, whom i mentioned dozens of times on my blog, is in a band called Slightly left of Centre (SLOC).

now i know your all thinking that im just plugging the band cause hes my best mate and all and you are completely right. however, i feel like i have to add that they are an awesome band. this is not the loyal friend in me talking but rather the music critic.

having only released 2 songs thus far ('silver lining' and 'glorius way') and working hard towards an ep launch the boys from SLOC have managed to make their name on the triple J charts coming in this week at number 3 (silver lining) and 4 (glorius way) in the pop charts and numbers 10 (silver lining) and 14 (glorius way) in the overall charts. not too bad from a band without an ep.

the band consists of christian murphy (vocals) Karl Szulik (Guitar) Michael Pace (Guitar) Jason Staindl (Bass) Vince Iannotti (Drums).

you can read more about the band from these pages:

anyway, have a look and a listen to these guys, they are seriously worth it!!!!

loveeeeeeeeeeeeee muchness,


Monday, October 25, 2010

is giving birth linked to the female identity?


so im super sorry its been so long since my last blog. its amazing how much can happen in a few months really! but i doubt you guys wanna hear about my personal life when ive got such a lovely topic to discuss.


ok just kidding. well not really. i wanted to talk about what makes a woman a woman and not a man. now i dont mean all the 'boobies' crap but whats the key factor that sets women from men?

the ability to have children. that is the largest factor in the separation. a man can dress as a woman but he cant give birth just as a woman can dress as a man but she can give birth. so what happens when a woman can not give birth prematurely (as in not as a result of menopause). do they loose the element in them that sets them apart from men? sure they are still female but to loose the very core of femininity can be sure to rock you to the soul. is it enough to know that your a woman despite not being able to have children?

my main reason for not blogging much throughout the year has been a combination organizing for my fiance to arrive from england to australia (he has now) and a combination of illness's. since being diagnosed with one of these illness's it has also come to light that i cannot have children. now, i have never wanted kids, i still do not want them but there is a huge difference between not wanting kids and never being able to have them from my own loins. it felt cruel at the age of 19 to be told that i could never have kids. to have the option taken from you seems harsh, that by no deliberate fault you would be ill for the rest of your life and you would never be able to do what most other women can and have birth. no pregnancy, no birth, no baby showers. you can understand why the majority of women who share the same illness have bad relationships and suffer from depression.

which leads me back to my point that when losing the ability to have children does it render a woman without her female identity?

for the woman reading this please comment with your perspectives

signing off,


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cleaning your room is linked to success?

Hey all,

So this morning i was woken by my father (this rarely happens since my dad never sets foot in my room) who told me i needed to clean my room since people were going to need to come through it to get to my bathroom which is being re-done.

Now upon seeing my room (which wasnt TOO messy, i mean its organised chaos) it prompted him to give me a complete lecture about how messy rooms arnt what adults have etc etc.

Which made me wonder why it is that parents always seem to see a direct link between how clean your room is and how successful you are in life. It seems like some mathematical equation to them.

clean room + teenager = success later in life

messy room + teenager = failure later in life

Now i can understand that there may be a connection relating to the organisational skills of a person and the cleanliness of the room but no matter how messy my room looked, i still knew where everything was. which is a big challange since most of my clothes reside on my floor and i can honestly tell you its hard to pick out clothing when most if it is black.

my point is though- how will you fail at life or how is it immature to have a messy room? or how will you be successful if you have a clean room?

our rooms are our own personal space. i say we keep them however the hell we want and let our futures work there damn selves out.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Romeo and Juliet

A viewing of bazs romeo and juliet prompted me to write this blog entry.

once a novel, or play in this case, is made that is of such epic proportions, is it ever able to be another one as good? is the simplest words:

will there ever be a tragedy worse then romeo and juliets?

will any character ever have better morals then atticus finch?

will there ever be another novel to challenge the government like animal farm?

will there ever be a more gentlemenly character then mr.darcy?

or will attempts to write forever be compared to these originals without having a chance to be seen as seperate?

or is it up to us the readers to separate works?


Sunday, April 18, 2010


i finally found me some awesome boots. theyre wickedly heeled, combat style, knee high and just generally amazing.

but now i face a new problem- what to wear with them. they look best with jeans however the only jeans i own are either my black skinnys which seriously dont suit the heels or my old ripped jeans from england except they kinda dont fit me, though i spose most of my old clothes, both england and pre-england dont fit me since im 10kg lighter.

anyway this prompted a whole line of thought with me because it occurs so frequently-

buying shoes without and outfits.

now i think you need to be female to understand this- or have really enjoy shoe shopping but its one of the worst things to go shopping and seeing the perfect pair of shoes but then realising you have nothing to wear with them.

then comes the big question- are the worth buying anyway? just in case you find something that suits? can you afford it?

i bet that everyone has faced this problem at least once in their life...

or maybe you buy a dress without an occasion to wear it to? or a bracelet that doent match any of your other jewelery?

then again why do we have to co-ordinate everything we own? it would reach the point that we would constantly wear the same thing and that would just be dull.

dull is not fun.

think about it...


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

old school books

the other day whilst parading through old school country towns raiding their second hand book stores for gems and scavenging through shelf after shelf i found two little diamonds.

Persuasion by Jane Austen. Unfortunatly i was unable to find the date it was published but its still in fairly good condition which im happy about. the publisher, thomas nelson and sons, had multiple set ups, including one in melbourne, however my copy was printed in great britain, edinburgh to be exact, which makes me think that it was purchased in great britain and brought over here by an individual. the book has also been stamped by a book store in bourke st, Hall's Book Store, which closed up shop in 1961 so another dead end. so, alas, the date my copy was published shall remain a mystery :(


Henry Lawson- twenty short stories and seven poems. This book, though in worse shape, gives more information then Persuasion. Published in 1947 by Halstead Press pty limited in sydney it was distrubted by angus and robinson. the stories and poems within are selected by colin roderick and contains observations from lawsons friends and crititics. what marks this book as unique, however, is a dedication within the front page. the writing is illegible but the date is clear stating it was given away in june of 1951.

anyway, i hope i didnt bore you with my observations. i promise not to be so dull with my next entry.

maybe i shall write about my latest tattoo that i go on monday... it does look amazing...

but thats for another entry!


Monday, April 12, 2010

Ink Star in Seymore

Hey y'all,

so recently i was travelling in the northern victoria region and happened to stop off in a town called seymore. so despite the fact that i wasnt particuarly happy to be stuck in this little sleepy town whilst my father and brother explored i happen to do a bit of exploring myself.

i came across ink star tattoo parlour.

and holy hell, this place was amazing. the artist there, kylie, was the first female artist i had ever found in my life so talking to her was beyond a treat. she specialises in portraiture and she is just beyond talented. seeing her works, her pieces of pure body art blew my breath away. so after spending a fair while talking to both and the other artist there marc, it was decided that i would come in and visit in a couple of weeks to talk to their apprentices since they are, as marc believes, too lazy. so my job is to come in and try and let my enthusiasm catch whilst picking up some experience from kylie and marc.

anyway if anyone happens to be going through the seymore area i suggest they pay ink star a visit. all the designs are custom made though they are booked for a couple of months in advance. it cost $120 per hour but its worth every penny.

i hope to take some pictures when i next go visit them!

signing off,


upside down

its amazing how much life can be turned upside down.

you can think one thing then in a moment it can be turned upside and your left completely dangling with no clue whats going on.

its weird to be in this situation. to have things you were so certain of be different.

all it takes is some words from your doctor.

be grateful for what you have, even if its only the smallest thing possible.

maybe its fate.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


FUCK guys its been forever since my last entry! i spose thats the effect that being busy has on a person. seriously between uni 4 days a week, work 5 days a week and my tattooing apprentiship every hour in between it seems like ive barely had time to breathe!

yet here i am, blogging to you guys, so you know i still love y'all.

anyway i thought it would be interesting to discuss one of my favourite topics- tattooing (YAY)

so recently i got myself a tattooing apprentiship. now basically that means i see my guy (names brodie) once a week or so to show him my work on practice skin. yet awesomely enough last week i was told the good news- i was ready to start on people. now ive tattooed on skin before- but its always been mine. ive given myself nordic runes between fingers as well as a little heart and ive decorated my foot with stars (QUITE a comical image to see. i had cedric using the foot pedal and pressing when i said 'stop' and 'go' whilst i tried to position the machine so it would actually REACH my foot) yet taking to anothers skin will be entirely different. for starters i wont be able to use my level of pain as an idication of whether the needles in deep enough, secondly theres always the slight chance i might fuck up (though if i do brodie will fix it quick smart) and thirdly im quite scared i will hurt cedric (who has gallently volunteered to be my first client and recieve a star on her foot next to the one she already has there).

so many things to worry about. what happens if i accidently knock the voltage? what happens if the needle moves too slow? what happens if the ink doesnt take to her skin? what if what if what if


what if it all goes fine?

wish me luck,


Monday, February 8, 2010

i love lincoln

god bless former president lincoln


its coming up to THAT day of the year

now im sure all you romantics would have already guessed what day of the year im referring to. yep. its V day. and by V day i DONT mean vagina day, i mean Valentines day.

oh whoopie.

now when it comes to love, despite being insanely happy with my fiance, im still quite the sinical. especially when it concerns valentines day.

with the pink hearts and the corny cards and the over priced candy and the wilted flowers and the dodgy teddies. its just far to sickening for me.

so what is the obsession with valentines day?

is it so loved by women because its the one day a year they get flowers from they beaus? or is it the concept, the day of love, that enthralls so many people?

but more importantly- what do you expect from your partner on valentines day? do you just want a card or do you want the whole shebang- dinner, roses and lots of awesome sex?

or is it just the concept of getting sex in general that fuels valentines day? is it more romantic or more intense if you have sex after being lavished with gifts?

or is it just the need to feel wanted. to be desired by someone that makes this day so important. the feeling of being given a card or some flowers or a teddy and knowing that someone in the world loves you enough to buy you something. hell its an even better feeling when you know that someone made you something.

in the end it all comes down to feeling wanted, not needed for a change. realtionships, every time of relationship whether it be friendships or siblings, develop to a point where you need the person you want so on occasion, like valentines day, you get to feel wanted, desired for a change.

and it seems that that is worth forking out too much money one day a week.

so despite my dislike towards this day, i completely understand why its so nessasary.

and i completely expect tom to get me a card too :)


PS- HIMs new album 'Screamworks' comes out on valentines day too. go buy it ;)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

slight FAIL

alright so im well aware that i failed my last blog entry since its taken me this long to write up another one. truthfully, now i have access to facebook and MLIA im struggling to find time for the awesomeness that is blogger. though, fear not! i will never leave blogger. im too in love with it!

anyways nothing much has been happening in the world of helsinki. my new tattoo has finally fully healed over and my transformation of becoming an ultimate LOTR nerd is complete now that i bear some elvish on my wrist. if i do say so myself- it looks awesome. i advise everyone to get a tattoo done in their life- its an amazing experience. though i could just be saying it so that when your finally convinced to get one you let me do the inking.... mwhahahahahaha!

anyway ive got to be off. im catching up with christian today and im in desperate need of a shower. yesterday was australia day and since i was out at night i was smoothered in aeroguard and believe me i STILL reek of it. i think it in my hair....



Tuesday, January 19, 2010


ok so i admit, ive been getting quite slack with my blog entries recently. hell even my fiance has got more entries up in this past week than me- thats a fair decent sign that im falling behind in my game!

anyway ive reason not to blog- ive finally got myself a job. awesome isnt it? anyway so im working at this italian restuarant that makes wicked woodfire pizzas about 5 nights a week which is keeping me awesomely occupied.

but alas, im aware this is not really excuse worthy and its a pretty bad one at that. so i plan to blog more often now im back home with all the fun stuff about being in AUSTRALIA!!!



Monday, January 4, 2010


so here we are beginning a new year. one with amazing prospects and a bright outlook.

and what better way to start it then with a wicked NYE party. why was this party so awesome? for many reasons. for one, our bartender for the evening pat got completely trashed. also for some reason i had decided that i wanted pats shirt. for that to happen i had to undergo a bet with tash. we came out the winners and i got to wear pats shirt, the shirt of victory, for half n hour. within that half an hour pat got so badly slapped around (even whipped with a belt) that he had bruises all over him. was stealing his shirt worth it? i think so!

also making a new friend in a wicked chick called ebony who spent the entire night having a war with me to see who can lick the other the most proved quite entertaining as well.

oh and there was when tash decided to pull my friggin dress down and flash the boys (luckily only pat was watching and he had the decency to say that he didnt see anything). from now im trying to work out the perfect way of having my revenge on tash...

any ideas for said revenge? please comment them...