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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

slight FAIL

alright so im well aware that i failed my last blog entry since its taken me this long to write up another one. truthfully, now i have access to facebook and MLIA im struggling to find time for the awesomeness that is blogger. though, fear not! i will never leave blogger. im too in love with it!

anyways nothing much has been happening in the world of helsinki. my new tattoo has finally fully healed over and my transformation of becoming an ultimate LOTR nerd is complete now that i bear some elvish on my wrist. if i do say so myself- it looks awesome. i advise everyone to get a tattoo done in their life- its an amazing experience. though i could just be saying it so that when your finally convinced to get one you let me do the inking.... mwhahahahahaha!

anyway ive got to be off. im catching up with christian today and im in desperate need of a shower. yesterday was australia day and since i was out at night i was smoothered in aeroguard and believe me i STILL reek of it. i think it in my hair....



Tuesday, January 19, 2010


ok so i admit, ive been getting quite slack with my blog entries recently. hell even my fiance has got more entries up in this past week than me- thats a fair decent sign that im falling behind in my game!

anyway ive reason not to blog- ive finally got myself a job. awesome isnt it? anyway so im working at this italian restuarant that makes wicked woodfire pizzas about 5 nights a week which is keeping me awesomely occupied.

but alas, im aware this is not really excuse worthy and its a pretty bad one at that. so i plan to blog more often now im back home with all the fun stuff about being in AUSTRALIA!!!



Monday, January 4, 2010


so here we are beginning a new year. one with amazing prospects and a bright outlook.

and what better way to start it then with a wicked NYE party. why was this party so awesome? for many reasons. for one, our bartender for the evening pat got completely trashed. also for some reason i had decided that i wanted pats shirt. for that to happen i had to undergo a bet with tash. we came out the winners and i got to wear pats shirt, the shirt of victory, for half n hour. within that half an hour pat got so badly slapped around (even whipped with a belt) that he had bruises all over him. was stealing his shirt worth it? i think so!

also making a new friend in a wicked chick called ebony who spent the entire night having a war with me to see who can lick the other the most proved quite entertaining as well.

oh and there was when tash decided to pull my friggin dress down and flash the boys (luckily only pat was watching and he had the decency to say that he didnt see anything). from now im trying to work out the perfect way of having my revenge on tash...

any ideas for said revenge? please comment them...