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Monday, February 8, 2010

its coming up to THAT day of the year

now im sure all you romantics would have already guessed what day of the year im referring to. yep. its V day. and by V day i DONT mean vagina day, i mean Valentines day.

oh whoopie.

now when it comes to love, despite being insanely happy with my fiance, im still quite the sinical. especially when it concerns valentines day.

with the pink hearts and the corny cards and the over priced candy and the wilted flowers and the dodgy teddies. its just far to sickening for me.

so what is the obsession with valentines day?

is it so loved by women because its the one day a year they get flowers from they beaus? or is it the concept, the day of love, that enthralls so many people?

but more importantly- what do you expect from your partner on valentines day? do you just want a card or do you want the whole shebang- dinner, roses and lots of awesome sex?

or is it just the concept of getting sex in general that fuels valentines day? is it more romantic or more intense if you have sex after being lavished with gifts?

or is it just the need to feel wanted. to be desired by someone that makes this day so important. the feeling of being given a card or some flowers or a teddy and knowing that someone in the world loves you enough to buy you something. hell its an even better feeling when you know that someone made you something.

in the end it all comes down to feeling wanted, not needed for a change. realtionships, every time of relationship whether it be friendships or siblings, develop to a point where you need the person you want so on occasion, like valentines day, you get to feel wanted, desired for a change.

and it seems that that is worth forking out too much money one day a week.

so despite my dislike towards this day, i completely understand why its so nessasary.

and i completely expect tom to get me a card too :)


PS- HIMs new album 'Screamworks' comes out on valentines day too. go buy it ;)

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