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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


FUCK guys its been forever since my last entry! i spose thats the effect that being busy has on a person. seriously between uni 4 days a week, work 5 days a week and my tattooing apprentiship every hour in between it seems like ive barely had time to breathe!

yet here i am, blogging to you guys, so you know i still love y'all.

anyway i thought it would be interesting to discuss one of my favourite topics- tattooing (YAY)

so recently i got myself a tattooing apprentiship. now basically that means i see my guy (names brodie) once a week or so to show him my work on practice skin. yet awesomely enough last week i was told the good news- i was ready to start on people. now ive tattooed on skin before- but its always been mine. ive given myself nordic runes between fingers as well as a little heart and ive decorated my foot with stars (QUITE a comical image to see. i had cedric using the foot pedal and pressing when i said 'stop' and 'go' whilst i tried to position the machine so it would actually REACH my foot) yet taking to anothers skin will be entirely different. for starters i wont be able to use my level of pain as an idication of whether the needles in deep enough, secondly theres always the slight chance i might fuck up (though if i do brodie will fix it quick smart) and thirdly im quite scared i will hurt cedric (who has gallently volunteered to be my first client and recieve a star on her foot next to the one she already has there).

so many things to worry about. what happens if i accidently knock the voltage? what happens if the needle moves too slow? what happens if the ink doesnt take to her skin? what if what if what if


what if it all goes fine?

wish me luck,


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