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Monday, April 12, 2010

Ink Star in Seymore

Hey y'all,

so recently i was travelling in the northern victoria region and happened to stop off in a town called seymore. so despite the fact that i wasnt particuarly happy to be stuck in this little sleepy town whilst my father and brother explored i happen to do a bit of exploring myself.

i came across ink star tattoo parlour.

and holy hell, this place was amazing. the artist there, kylie, was the first female artist i had ever found in my life so talking to her was beyond a treat. she specialises in portraiture and she is just beyond talented. seeing her works, her pieces of pure body art blew my breath away. so after spending a fair while talking to both and the other artist there marc, it was decided that i would come in and visit in a couple of weeks to talk to their apprentices since they are, as marc believes, too lazy. so my job is to come in and try and let my enthusiasm catch whilst picking up some experience from kylie and marc.

anyway if anyone happens to be going through the seymore area i suggest they pay ink star a visit. all the designs are custom made though they are booked for a couple of months in advance. it cost $120 per hour but its worth every penny.

i hope to take some pictures when i next go visit them!

signing off,


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