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Sunday, April 18, 2010


i finally found me some awesome boots. theyre wickedly heeled, combat style, knee high and just generally amazing.

but now i face a new problem- what to wear with them. they look best with jeans however the only jeans i own are either my black skinnys which seriously dont suit the heels or my old ripped jeans from england except they kinda dont fit me, though i spose most of my old clothes, both england and pre-england dont fit me since im 10kg lighter.

anyway this prompted a whole line of thought with me because it occurs so frequently-

buying shoes without and outfits.

now i think you need to be female to understand this- or have really enjoy shoe shopping but its one of the worst things to go shopping and seeing the perfect pair of shoes but then realising you have nothing to wear with them.

then comes the big question- are the worth buying anyway? just in case you find something that suits? can you afford it?

i bet that everyone has faced this problem at least once in their life...

or maybe you buy a dress without an occasion to wear it to? or a bracelet that doent match any of your other jewelery?

then again why do we have to co-ordinate everything we own? it would reach the point that we would constantly wear the same thing and that would just be dull.

dull is not fun.

think about it...


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