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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

old school books

the other day whilst parading through old school country towns raiding their second hand book stores for gems and scavenging through shelf after shelf i found two little diamonds.

Persuasion by Jane Austen. Unfortunatly i was unable to find the date it was published but its still in fairly good condition which im happy about. the publisher, thomas nelson and sons, had multiple set ups, including one in melbourne, however my copy was printed in great britain, edinburgh to be exact, which makes me think that it was purchased in great britain and brought over here by an individual. the book has also been stamped by a book store in bourke st, Hall's Book Store, which closed up shop in 1961 so another dead end. so, alas, the date my copy was published shall remain a mystery :(


Henry Lawson- twenty short stories and seven poems. This book, though in worse shape, gives more information then Persuasion. Published in 1947 by Halstead Press pty limited in sydney it was distrubted by angus and robinson. the stories and poems within are selected by colin roderick and contains observations from lawsons friends and crititics. what marks this book as unique, however, is a dedication within the front page. the writing is illegible but the date is clear stating it was given away in june of 1951.

anyway, i hope i didnt bore you with my observations. i promise not to be so dull with my next entry.

maybe i shall write about my latest tattoo that i go on monday... it does look amazing...

but thats for another entry!


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