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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cleaning your room is linked to success?

Hey all,

So this morning i was woken by my father (this rarely happens since my dad never sets foot in my room) who told me i needed to clean my room since people were going to need to come through it to get to my bathroom which is being re-done.

Now upon seeing my room (which wasnt TOO messy, i mean its organised chaos) it prompted him to give me a complete lecture about how messy rooms arnt what adults have etc etc.

Which made me wonder why it is that parents always seem to see a direct link between how clean your room is and how successful you are in life. It seems like some mathematical equation to them.

clean room + teenager = success later in life

messy room + teenager = failure later in life

Now i can understand that there may be a connection relating to the organisational skills of a person and the cleanliness of the room but no matter how messy my room looked, i still knew where everything was. which is a big challange since most of my clothes reside on my floor and i can honestly tell you its hard to pick out clothing when most if it is black.

my point is though- how will you fail at life or how is it immature to have a messy room? or how will you be successful if you have a clean room?

our rooms are our own personal space. i say we keep them however the hell we want and let our futures work there damn selves out.



W.C.Camp said...

Don't Worry ... My daughter keeps a room that sounds a lot messier than yours and she is doing fine. The main thing is to work hard on the big things that matter. Try to find some middle ground with your folks and everyone will be reasonably happy. You sound like your pretty level headed though so NO PROBLEMS!!! I enjoy reading your perspective. W.C.C.

Helsinki said...

thanks for the support! i actually very proud of myself at the moment because my room has managed to remain clean for over a week. :)

joven said...

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joven said...

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Col South said...

It is totally a mathematical equation haha

Jay G said...

It is psychologically proven that the organization of your personal space reflects how you organise the rest of your life. This may include finances, academics, etc. I think this fact is subconsciously realised to most parents after they have lived, trying to keep their lives in order and they just want to keep their knowledge passed down to try and create a most beneficial life for you that they can. Or maybe they are against you in every aspect of your life. Either way...

blurbirdie said...

Personally I think a clean room can drive a person more batty than a messy room. For with the messy room, you are the mess maker therefore in some strange way you know what you have done to obtain that mess.
In besides I have found that a lot of successful people many be organized in their work but their living spaces are complete chaos.
So far a messy room has worked with me and I am a Med. student and I am successful in my studies none the less

BlueBirdie :)

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