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Monday, October 25, 2010

is giving birth linked to the female identity?


so im super sorry its been so long since my last blog. its amazing how much can happen in a few months really! but i doubt you guys wanna hear about my personal life when ive got such a lovely topic to discuss.


ok just kidding. well not really. i wanted to talk about what makes a woman a woman and not a man. now i dont mean all the 'boobies' crap but whats the key factor that sets women from men?

the ability to have children. that is the largest factor in the separation. a man can dress as a woman but he cant give birth just as a woman can dress as a man but she can give birth. so what happens when a woman can not give birth prematurely (as in not as a result of menopause). do they loose the element in them that sets them apart from men? sure they are still female but to loose the very core of femininity can be sure to rock you to the soul. is it enough to know that your a woman despite not being able to have children?

my main reason for not blogging much throughout the year has been a combination organizing for my fiance to arrive from england to australia (he has now) and a combination of illness's. since being diagnosed with one of these illness's it has also come to light that i cannot have children. now, i have never wanted kids, i still do not want them but there is a huge difference between not wanting kids and never being able to have them from my own loins. it felt cruel at the age of 19 to be told that i could never have kids. to have the option taken from you seems harsh, that by no deliberate fault you would be ill for the rest of your life and you would never be able to do what most other women can and have birth. no pregnancy, no birth, no baby showers. you can understand why the majority of women who share the same illness have bad relationships and suffer from depression.

which leads me back to my point that when losing the ability to have children does it render a woman without her female identity?

for the woman reading this please comment with your perspectives

signing off,