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Monday, November 22, 2010

Slightly left of Centre

time to spread some magical music news!!!! *dances*

so my best mate christian, whom i mentioned dozens of times on my blog, is in a band called Slightly left of Centre (SLOC).

now i know your all thinking that im just plugging the band cause hes my best mate and all and you are completely right. however, i feel like i have to add that they are an awesome band. this is not the loyal friend in me talking but rather the music critic.

having only released 2 songs thus far ('silver lining' and 'glorius way') and working hard towards an ep launch the boys from SLOC have managed to make their name on the triple J charts coming in this week at number 3 (silver lining) and 4 (glorius way) in the pop charts and numbers 10 (silver lining) and 14 (glorius way) in the overall charts. not too bad from a band without an ep.

the band consists of christian murphy (vocals) Karl Szulik (Guitar) Michael Pace (Guitar) Jason Staindl (Bass) Vince Iannotti (Drums).

you can read more about the band from these pages:

anyway, have a look and a listen to these guys, they are seriously worth it!!!!

loveeeeeeeeeeeeee muchness,


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