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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

GAP talk

hey y'all,

It seems like ages ago that i was writing blog entries from my living room in top flat yet it was only just over a year that i returned. i still miss enlgand likecrazy, i miss the constant green and if its not green then its covered in snow. i miss the bright yellow fields of rape seed that look like someone got bored and decided to paint a square of nature the colour of sunshine. i miss my kids who used to talk to me about harry potter and why i always changed my nail colour. i miss being being strong- not because i could but because i had to be.

and now i get to talk to a year level about it. last week lattitude (the company that organises gap years) emailed me and asked if i could go back to my old high school, OLMC and talk for 45 mins about the program and my experiences. at the moment im torn between being nervous and being excited. theres about 120 girls that i have to talk :S

anyway, wish me luck and lets hope i dont accidently swear too much!!!