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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Some old painting...

Hi all my lovely bloggers!

Its been a while, ive become horribly slack in my blogging and im sorry for that. I remember the days when i would post 2 or 3 blogs a day and now im struggling to find time to post one every month!

Anywho, i recently moved out of home (by recently i mean like 2 months ago) but ive only just managed to get my art supplies from my old place. This of course means that at the moment im on an art binge and loving it. From watercolours to acrylic to spray paint to body paint and everything else. Because of my lovely binge i was going thru some of my old body painting and came across a couple that im yet to post onto here.

The first one is of my lovely little brother Andy (who is in no way related to me but still likes to be called my little brother) who is topless and bearing a swallow and a banner.

The second is of my Tash Dash with roses down her back and a skull at the base of her hip. Now, i wouldnt be able to paint that on her anymore since she has some epic ink all down her side which would iterfer with any large back pieces...

Im hoping that now i have my supplies back that i will start to paint more and more which is tres awesome. Now i just need to invest in a decent camera....

Well thats all for now my blogger gremlins,


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