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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

new tattoo ftw

sup all blogsters,

once again im going to start this blog with an apology to you all for my lack of entries recently. i kinda fail net wise at the moment since my only connection is via my phone which is a complete whore to blog on. some nerd i am, not even able to regularly connect to the net.

so the point of this blog is to talk about my favourite topic, TATTOOS.

everyyyyyone knows how much i love tattoos and how, at the age of 20, i only have 5 :( they consist of stars on right foot, norse ruins in the webbing of my left hand, elvish on my left wrist, the heart and crown of a claddah on the small of my back and the quote 'fool of a took' from lotr across my right shoulder blade. my next tattoo, i believe, is the most perfect and suiting tattoo i could ever get.

a black kitty :)

now, ive had this blog for over 2 years now and ive not once mentioned my real name, in fact ive strictly avoided mentioning it, however for the purpose of this blog i will use my real name which is Kat. Do you now see why a black kitty tattoo is so amazingly perfect for me?

so now i ask you, is there a tattoo design that suits you through and through? the complete embodiment of who you are? if so what is it?

i believe the best thing is when you see someones tatts and straight away think 'that suit them'. its such a rare thing now to get a tattoo that reflects who the person is.

anywho, think about it my blogsters!

love love love love